Feeline's Dating App/ 2022
A dating app specifically for cat lovers                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     This project began as a group project focused on niche dating app designs. Initially, our team developed a concept for a dating app aimed at pet lovers. From this foundation, we each created individual iterations to refine our group project. I decided to narrow the focus to cat lovers, allowing the website's imagery and design to be more targeted and appealing to a specific audience. Our group's original design felt somewhat gendered, so my goal was to create a more inclusive design with a color palette that would appeal to everyone.
A major challenge for our group was finding the perfect name to fit our niche. By zeroing in on cat lovers, I developed the Feeline’s dating app. Feeline’s helps users connect with fellow cat enthusiasts, offering features to match users with partners who own their preferred breed of cat. I identified the color palette from the previous iteration as a key issue hindering its success. In my design, I selected colors that are inclusive and suitable for all users, and I incorporated customizable interface options to enhance user experience and personalization.

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