Crystal Accordion Book / 2023
An accordion style crystal pocket guide                                                                                                                                                                                      For this project, we were tasked with creating, designing, and binding an accordion book. Given my personal interest in crystals, I chose to create a crystal pocket book. Having conducted extensive research on crystals independently, I was familiar with the meanings behind most of them. However, additional research was necessary to ensure I was providing reputable information. I identified and focused on the key concepts for each crystal as well as providing imagery that was clean and clear. Before then proceeding with the construction and design of the book.
Designing the accordion book required careful consideration of the measurements for each fold to ensure sufficient space for each page. I opted to design a custom cover and end sheets to add a personalized touch to the book. This approach involved the challenge of printing onto book cloth. Utilizing a Xerox printer, I needed to make sure it was set to a high enough GSM in order to melt the pigment and achieve full opacity. Although it ultimately lost pigment with wear, many of my peers agreed the distressed look enhanced the overall theme.

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